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Building Open Source

Logan Craft • December 5, 2019

Building Open-Source

Over the past year, I have been trying to up my open-source game. In doing so, I have been mindful of things I built for myself that could be useful to others. That said, right now I am building a package for Laravel called Laravel-Move-Copy-Delete. In this package, there will be about 80 commands that allow you to move, copy, or delete Laravel resources like controllers or models. This package will also create UNIX-like aliases for the commands like cp, mv, & rm. I hope to publish this package in the next couple of months, so be on the lookout for the repo.

My goal with building open-source projects is to learn and give back solutions to problems that I have had when building applications. It has been amazing to see how open-source communities have grown over the years. There is a tremendous amount of power when people are organized to build. Small changes or batches that lead to a great piece of software like Laravel which is used by millions of people.

I hope all of you will join me in publishing packages or pieces of software to problems you have come across.

-Enjoy Logan